Doctor Who: talking donkey-zebra hybrid hinted to be season 12 companion

Whether you like it or not, Season 11 of Doctor Who celebrates equality & diversity in all its glory. From the Doctor’s rainbow t-shirt, in respect of gay pride, to the man giving birth on last Sunday’s episode, The Tsuranga Conundrum, and even hints that the Doctor herself bats for both sides. And the fun doesn’t stop there…

… in celebration of the birth of Britain’s second zonkey, a donkey crossed with a zebra, the BBC have hinted that a new companion for Season 12 could actually be a zonkey, and that the zonkey will be able to talk just like the other companions.

Speaking on Timey-Wimey FM, Tilly Champers, 16, a spokesperson for the LGBT Whovian Group, said: “we should celebrate all forms of diversity, so the news that a zonkey might be joining the crew of the TARDIS is music to my little gay ears.

“Since Jodie has been on the show, a lot of the older fans have been exposed for their racist and sexist views, being against anyone who isn’t white, male and heterosexual. Well, let’s see what they think of this idea. I pray to God, the zonkey isn’t straight.”

pride donkey

Ridley Scott’s Planet of the Baboons in cinemas this October

It’s been a busy month for director Ridley Scott, with two films released in the same month, and both set on the Red Planet.

Ridley’s second film to be released this month, Planet of the Baboons, has already been described by the film’s ass-kicking starlet Katy Wix as “the sort of film that’ll make audiences laugh with terror…”

… if that’s even possible!

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Not Going Out’s Katy Wix to star in Ridley Scott’s, Planet of the Baboons

It has been confirmed that Not Going Out’s Katy Wix is the star of Sir Ridley Scott’s up-and-coming blockbuster, Planet of the Baboons, which will be released late next year.

Having just seen an exclusive premiere of the film’s teaser trailer, Katy had this to say:

“Well, that was pretty scary, wasn’t it? I didn’t know it was a bloody horror film. It’s a good job I didn’t actually get to meet those apes on set. It was all green screen, you see.”

Sir Ridley Scott discussed the film in more detail:

“Let me make this clear: this film has nothing to do with Planet of the Apes, and I don’t want to hear the word, ‘ape’ from anyone. I would also like to make it clear that this is not a comedy – it’s a horror film. And it’s going to be horrific.

“I won’t give too much away, but what I can tell you that Katy plays an anthropological professor called Professor Sweet, who loses her dog, Muffin after a baboon is seen lurking around the encampment. The professor puts two and two together, blames the baboon, and heads into the hills in search of the mythical Jungle Book, the baboon’s holy bible, which she thinks is responsible for some of their behaviour, including, the loss of her dog.

“As you probably saw from the trailer, the film’s pretty terrifying. I said to my DP, Jean Jeanne, ‘Jean, I want this film to scare the shit out of the audience. I want it to make, Ren & Stimpy look like a fucking kids programme’. And, I think it will.”