Fermented News is a news and political satire publication, comprised of fabricated news stories, either completely made-up, or most commonly, inspired by real news events. All published works are works of parody, satire, spoof, fake news, nonsense news, and however dark they may be or appear to be, are intended for entertainment and comedy. All works published by Fermented News may or may not use real names, in semi-real or fictitious ways, and may use fictitious names for the purpose of comedy and to make the stories more unbelievable than they already are. Fermented News is a satirical publication and should not be used as a source of real news events. Fermented News is for mature, reasonable readers. Should a reader, or readers, think a post is: true, malicious, all about them when the published work has clearly got nothing to do with them, or about an event that the published work does not even mention, they are sadly mistaken and should either: Google satire, read something else, sober up, get a life, get some counselling, or some other help. If said reader or readers are still unreasonable in their assumptions, they should consider staying clear of the publication in future. If this is still unclear, unreasonable readers may also like to take heed of the word “satire” categorised, tagged, and hashtagged on ALL published posts. Fermented News may consist of original photos or artwork owned by Fermented News, stock photos, or commissioned photos or artwork.

Meur Ras, Brenda Frisbee

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