Conservative MP: Flying Cornish flag should be banned after Britain leaves EU

Flying Cornwall’s national flag, the flag of Saint Piran, should be banned, a Conservative MP has suggested.

Eastham MP Peter Chumbly-Newton made the comment at a South West Erecting Conference in Plymouth Tuesday afternoon, shortly after a lunch break where the MPs feasted on salmon pate, caviar vol-au-vents, and expensive champers.

In his speech Mr Chumbly-Newton said: “People in Cornwall seem to think they can go it alone. That isn’t going to happen. After Britain leaves the European Union, no matter what deal we get, we will need to work together. Cornwall is part of the South West and should start acting like it.

He continued: “Politicians in Cornwall don’t seem to like any devolution deal we offer them. The way I see it is this, if people in Cornwall don’t want to work with the rest of the country, maybe, after Britain leaves the EU, we should ban them from flying that black and white flag of theirs. The national flag of England is the flag of St George, they need to start accepting that fact.”

Mr Chumbly-Newton’s comments will no doubt add to the tsunami of attacks on Cornwall, most notably, MP Sajid Javid’s controversial plans for Cornwall to be made into a South West powerhouse with an elected mayor, and of course, the boundaries that could see North East Cornwall merge with England.

Speaking to reporters outside County Hall in Truro, Cornwall councillor Sandy Piper said: “Westminster MPs wouldn’t try to devolve parts of Wales or Scotland into England, but Cornwall’s an easy target. Politicians’ attitudes towards Cornwall haven’t changed since the Dark Ages. They see us as an inconvenience. Sajid Javid said Cornwall’s attitude needs to change. No, it’s Westminster’s attitude that needs to change.”



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