Cornwall could split from England – LITERALLY!

A professor from Finchley University, in Barnham-on-Wick, has warned Cornwall Council against further house building, advising the council that the extra weight from inward migration could tear Cornwall away from England, leaving the region to drift off into the Atlantic.

Professor Morton, Head of Environmental Physics at Finchley University said: “The Tamar is essentially a tear between two land masses, held together by the top end. But any extra weight could widen the gap and see Cornwall drift off into the Atlantic.

“The problem is, Cornwall Council are bowing down to pressures from Westminster to build 56,000 houses, purely for inward migration. This extra weight, from the new builds, the extra infrastructure, and the additional 200,000 people and their belongings, will put significant pressure on region.

“And after another generation, which would inevitably push the population up to a million, Cornwall could break away from England and drift into the Atlantic, probably as early as 2080. Furthermore, the side effects could be catastrophic, with seismic earthquakes, tidal tsunamis, and deadly gasses from the Earth’s crust.”

John Bollocks, leader of Cornwall Council made this statement: “I’ve listened to what Mr Morgan has had to say, but I don’t think there’s any cause for concern at this moment in time. People need homes, and we must adhere to the demands of central government.”Morton's Cornwall

7 thoughts on “Cornwall could split from England – LITERALLY!

  1. This is crazy when my son can’t afford to get his own home and my daughter is having to pay out on rent coz of priority given to imagrant, not knocking they also need homes but Cornwall is stretched to the limit. We’re overflowing in schools the hospital are on black alert not enough dentists and doctors need we say more. Maybe not a bad thing if we float off ☺. I’m cornish whether attached or floating lol,.


  2. This is indeed serious the very thought of Cornwall drifting off into shipping lanes is a concern for all of us !
    We all need to support Mr Bollocks !!


  3. Why don’t we just declare ourselves independent and dig along the river Tamar to separate ourselves. No need for more bloody empty holiday homes then!


  4. It’s all very well building all these additional houses, but the infrastructure is not here to deal with it. What about schools and hospitals? The road network can only just cope with the cars here at the moment and we don’t want Cornwall to be spoilt with extra houses and extra roads! Cornwall is a unique beautiful county, let’s keep it that way!


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