Another mosque bacon attack: police hunt for Ed Miliband

Police in Finchwick were called to a mosque yesterday afternoon after a man matching the description of Ed Miliband left a half-eaten bacon butty outside the place of worship, preventing worshippers from entering the building.

DCI Nicky Clover said: “Whether this was a deliberate attack or not has yet to be established. The bin, also outside the mosque, was full so it’s possible that the perpetrator didn’t like the butty and placed the offending item as close to the bin as possible, which happened to be the entrance to the mosque.

“Forensics are, at this moment, examining the butty to see if there’s a reason it was left half-eaten. It’s possible the bacon had too much fat on it, which can make butties near impossible to eat. If this is the case, the perpetrator can still be done for fly-tipping.

“One witness, an elderly lady, gave the description of a dark suited man standing outside the mosque, as having ‘the cold dark eyes of a killer, a bit like that Ed Miliband,’ she said. This does not automatically mean that the man was the ex-Labour leader, but it is something we are looking into.”

miliband bacon


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