200 MILLION migrant pigeons could invade Europe in 2016

Top EU officials have been warned that pigeons are disappearing from cities across the Middle East at an alarming rate and are heading in unprecedented numbers to countries across Europe, all due to the threat imposed upon them by the jihadist organization, ISIS.

Bertram Cumberbatch, head of The International Bird Watching Society, said: “ISIS have made the pigeon an enemy by preventing pigeon breeding on roofs, as they claim that the sight of the birds’ genitalia is a distraction from their daily worship. This has led to many of the birds ending up in ISIS torture camps, where they are beaten, flogged, burned and even beheaded.

“We have had pictures sent to us from pigeon lovers from across Europe, of pigeons that, just a few years ago, only existed in the Middle East. Like the Big Breasted Tumbler for example, rarely seen outside Syria.

“It’s very worrying indeed. We don’t know how these birds will integrate into Western society. And with places like Syria and Iraq being home to 50% of the world’s pigeon population, we could quite easily see 200 million pigeons migrate to Europe in 2016.”

200 MILLION.jpg

 The Big Breasted Tumbler

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