Archaeologists unearth oldest Cornish pasty to date – and it contains CARROT!

The pasty was discovered at an archaeological dig near Lanner in Cornwall, where archaeologists have been busy unearthing what remains of an old building, thought to date back to the 9th century AD.

Lead archaeologist, Dick Bone, said: “The pasty was found above floor level of the building, with carbon analysis dating it to around 850 AD. Which is exactly when we think the building would have been in use. One of the team suggested that the building may well have been a bakery.

“The good news is that the Cornish pasty may well have originated in Cornwall after all. The bad news though, is that the 1,100-year-old pasty contains carrot. Different to the carrots we eat today, but nevertheless, carrot.”

Local critic, Sandy Salmon, 72, said: “This will put Lanner on the map this will. Before this, what was the point in the place? Motorists driving up and down, up and down, using the place as a bleddy drive-through to get to Falmouth. Things are about to change, you mark my words.”

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