Cornish community outraged after signpost vandalized

Residents of Pool in Cornwall are outraged after the Church Road ‘Welcome to Pool’ signpost was vandalized, with ‘AND’ graffitied after the word, ‘Pool’. There is some speculation as to how this is meant to read.

UKIP councillor and self-proclaimed exaggerator, Damien Bigot, said: “Let me make this clear, there’s no excuse for criminal damage, but the message is loud and clear. With 10% of the population of Pool being Polish – the other half being English, of course, the perpetrators or perpetrator may well have a point.”

Retired farmhand, Daniel Poldrake, 73, who lives on Church Road, said: “Well we’ve been here before haven’t we? It wasn’t that long ago that the ‘L’ was removed from the word ‘Pool’ up at Tuckingmill on a sign that said, ‘Pool is the future’. This sign obviously reads Poo Land. I don’t understand how you can read it any other way.”

On her way to college, local MILF, Sara Mesklen, 17, said: “I walked past the sign with a couple mates yesterday and there wasn’t any confusion at all. We all agreed that it read, ‘Pool AND’? Like Pool, and so what? What’s your beef?

“Maybe the graffiti artist’s got a point. It was probably the Pool Mafia, I heard they got extra pocket money last week because one of their gran’s died or something.”



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