Cornish pasty shop robbery: robber gets away with medium steak

Police are appealing for witnesses after a man wearing a David Cameron mask robbed a pasty shop in Truro, Cornwall, getting away with a medium steak worth £2.85. The incident happened at around 17:00 this afternoon.

Trew Carpenter, 19, who’s worked at The Oggy Lowen Pasty Shop for about three months said: “I was on my own at the time. My manager, Eliza, was in the back of the shop sampling a bacon bite.

“Anyway, this man, wearing a David Cameron mask, strolled into the shop and walked straight into the counter. He couldn’t see where he was going, you know, because of the mask. 

“He then pulled out what he said was a gun, hidden inside a SpongeBob pencil case, although I’m sure it was curved, you know, like a banana. I was terrified.

“He kept mumbling something, but I couldn’t make sense of it. So, being a bit on the slow side, I asked if there was anything I could get him. He then pointed the pencil case directly at the till and I realised he was after the money.

“The only thing was I couldn’t open the till unless he made a purchase, which I explained to him. I suggested he buy a medium steak, so he got his wallet out.”

“That’s when I walked in,” said shop manager, Eliza Penventon. The robber saw me and waved whatever it was at me, shouting something I couldn’t quite hear, so I stayed exactly where I was.

“Lifting the mask slightly so Trew could understand him better, I heard the man explain that he didn’t have enough money on him, and after, what seemed like forever, I heard him tell Trew that he shouldn’t have to pay for the pasty when he’s got a gun, so demanded that she hand over the pasty ‘or else’. So she did.

“The man then ran back out the shop” said Trew, “catching his elbow on the doorframe quite badly as he left. If he had enough money on him he could have gotten away with a lot more.”

Cornishman dumps


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