Cornishman dumps fiancée over false pasty making claims

A heartbroken Cornishman from Pool has dumped his fiancée, just three weeks before their marriage, after finding out that she has been lying to him about her pasty making skills.

Ruan Trewedna, 34, has been coming home from work every Saturday evening to be greeted by the smell of freshly baked pasties ever since the couple moved in together last March.

But last Saturday Mr Trewedna came home from work early to find his mother-in-law to be in their kitchen making the pasties, and his fiancée lying on the sofa watching classic JK.

He said: “I was devastated. When I met Stacey on a night out in Camborne she told me that her skills in the pasty making department could put Eunice Woolcock to shame. Right on, I thought. It’s like my mate Graham used to say, ‘great in the bedroom and great in the kitchen, what more do you want?’

“I can’t believe she’s been lying to me all this time. The thing is, if she can lie about her pasty making skills, she can lie about anything. Looking back I did think it a bit odd that she could make pasties, but couldn’t even make toast without burning it. Lucky escape, that’s what my dad said.”

Cornishman dumps

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