Could pasty crimper from Cornwall win Britain’s Got Talent 2016?

Reckon you’ve got what it takes to be a Britain’s Got Talent star?

Pauline Buckett, 44, from Troon in Cornwall thinks she has.

Pauline has been crimping pasties for over 25 years at Philips Bakery and has decided to show off her skills in front of the BGT production team who’re busy roaming the country in search of new talent before the new series hits our screens next year.

Reporters spoke to Pauline, and her family, at her home on Newton Road.

“I’ve been telling Pauline to go on the show for years,” said fiancé , Gary Binner, 42, “but it wasn’t until matey from the mineshaft checking company came round and witnessed Pauline’s crimping skills first-hand that we decided to take the idea seriously.

Pauline said: “I wasn’t sure about the idea at first, but you don’t know until you’ve given it a go do you? The mineshaft man saw me crimping in the kitchen and said I should apply for the Britain’s Got Talent auditions. He even said I could be the next Nigella.

“The auditions are being held in Plymouth next month, although the exact location remains a secret. This should give me enough time to perfect my crimps anyway.”

Pauline’s mum, Dolly Buckett, 62, said: “My only worry I’ve got is that the production team won’t know what pasties are. I’ve ‘eard them talk about pasties upcountry, but do they have crusts on um up there?”

Pauline’s dad, Barry Buckett, 65, said: “Pauline’s a long way from meeting Simon, David, and Rita, but I think she’s got what it takes to get through to the live rounds. I’m sure she’ll be better than a lot of the acts there, that’s for sure. A mate of mine told me there’s a couple of doggers from Redruth going. Well, who wants to see that sort of thing on the tele?”

Britain's Got Talent

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