Ravers rejoice as Cornish venue changes its name to The Shirehorse

The management of The Ritz in Penzance, Cornwall have decided to change the venue’s name to The Shirehorse – the name of the legendary St Ives nightclub which closed its doors more than 15 years ago.

The announcement was made on yesterday’s evening news by The Ritz spokesman, Paul Cab. He said: “the decision was made after we realised that The Ritz has had too many Shire reunions and rave nights to justify being called The Ritz any longer.”

Speaking to reporters at Archie’s café earlier this morning was MC Splann, 42, well known for rinsing out a line or two in the Cornish language, and new kid on the bloke, DJ Past E, 19.

“There’s a Shire-like event at least once a month now in Penzance,” says MC Splann, “either at The Ritz, or down at Sound, so it makes sense for The Ritz to change its name to The Shire. Move over L2, hardcore’s makin’ a comeback, ‘90s stylee. It’s time to get messy, mate.”

DJ Past E said: “When I got into DJing a few years back it was all ipads, midicontrollers, USB remotes and laptops. But MC Splann took me to this shop that sells vinyl. I was like, what the gush is this?

“Now I’ve got some 1210’s and I’m learning the art of mixing using my ears, getting myself ready for the tekno revolution. Shire posseeeeeee comin’ at ya.”



The line-up for the TNT Shirehorse Reunion Chapter 2 has been confirmed, and is to be held on 26th March 2016.

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