Osborne Halloween mask not as scary as the real thing, says consumer rights forum

A consumer rights forum, Don’t Stand for It, has been inundated with complaints about a George Osborne Halloween mask, which its makers claim, is ‘as scary as the real thing’.

Don’t Stand for It spokesman, Doug Envoy, said: “all consumer products have their unique selling points, which often come in the form of ad slogans. But how can a George Osborne mask be any scarier than the face we see on the tele? It’s not going to be.

“One consumer wrote on our forum and said the mask’s an improvement on the original and Mr Osborne should wear the it all the time. I think that kind of comment says it all.

“What Drop Dead Scary Masks UK are claiming is a falsehood. The mask’s nowhere near as scary as the Eric Pickles one the company brought out last year.”


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