Corbyn refuses to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ at 6-year-old’s birthday party

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn left dozens of children in tears on Sunday afternoon after refusing to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to six-year-old boy, Peter Sampson. The incident happened at Peter’s grandparents’ house in Shropshire.

Peter’s granddad, Warren Carpenter, 68, said: “I’ve known Corbyn for years, but I only really invited him because my daughter wanted to meet him. If I realised he was going to be such an arsehole I wouldn’t have bothered.”

Warren’s daughter, Isabelle Sampson, 43, said: “Everything was fine, until we all sat around the table together. I noticed that Jeremy had started arguing with my husband about wearing a paper hat. So I ran in to get the cake. You know, as a distraction.

“When I got back to the table they were still arguing, so I started to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ and everyone joined in, except Jeremy, who just sat there with his arms folded. I wasn’t having it.

“I said, ‘come on Jeremy, join in’. And at the top of his voice he said, ‘I won’t if you don’t mind’. And with that bombshell everyone stopped singing, poor little Peter started crying, and then, all the kids started crying. It was awful.”

Isabelle’s husband, Raymond Sampson, 42, said: “Not singing the National Anthem is one thing, but this is something else. What gets me is, he refused to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to my son, but still ate the jelly and ice-cream put in front of him, and even took some of the birthday cake home. It’s all take, take, take with these politicians.”


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