Ridley Scott’s Planet of the Baboons in cinemas this October

It’s been a busy month for director Ridley Scott, with two films released in the same month, and both set on the Red Planet.

Ridley’s second film to be released this month, Planet of the Baboons, has already been described by the film’s ass-kicking starlet Katy Wix as “the sort of film that’ll make audiences laugh with terror…”

… if that’s even possible!

Perhaps this is the reason behind the critics’ nightmarishly bad reviews of the film. The trailer showing a 12 ft. baboon thundering across the Martian landscape, and Katy’s character unable to find the on-switch on her raygun will perhaps be too much for audiences to bear.

Mark Kermode said: “Planet of the Baboons reminded me of that episode of Star Trek where a beautiful female alien beams aboard the Enterprise and steals Spock’s brain. Not an experience I’d recommend to anyone.”

Speaking to reporters, Katy said: “I know it’s had some bad press – even Ridley said the film’s shit – but it’s got its good points. I can’t think what they are right now, but I’m sure it has (laughs).”

Planet of the Baboons October 2015 poster

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