Donald Trump’s DNA: same as an all-American burger

That’s according to leading geneticist Linda Ewing from Dallas University in Austin, Texas.

She said: Mr Trump contacted me about a month ago and asked for the best DNA test money could buy. Well I carried out the test and, you got it, his DNA is the same as an all-American burger.

“The exact ingredients being: three sesame buns, white of course. Four top quality beef burgers, three slices of melted cheese, crispy lettuce, onion, tangy pickle, and regular ketchup.”

Trump activist, Bobbi Wingfield, 50, from Portland in Oregon, said: “of course his DNA’s 100% burger. Trump’s 100% American, that’s why. Hell yeh.”

On his way back from an equality and diversity conference in Wisconsin, Trump told reporters: “I like thinking big. And you can’t get much bigger than an all-American burger with four man sized burgers can you? Damn, this is exactly why the American people need to vote Trump in the 2016 presidential election.”


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