Hungary crackdown on migrants caught dropping litter

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has announced plans to crack down on migrants caught dropping litter by issuing them with on-the-spot fines. He said:

“We don’t want them here. But Croatia is breaking international law by off-loading these people at our border. So, as a deterrent, we will issue any migrant caught dropping litter with an on-the-spot fine of up to 500 HUF. All major credit cards accepted.

“Refusal to pay a fine will result in a jail sentence. We need to make it clear to these people that Hungary is not a rubbish dump. The McDonald’s at Beremend border crossing has been inundated with migrants, but they do not use the bins provided.

“They finish their happy meals then discard their rubbish on the floor, inside and outside of the establishment, like animals. This is unacceptable. The manager at the branch has had to take on extra staff just to clean up the mess.”

McDonald’s manager, Andris Teve, 22, said: “They come into the branch, hundreds at a time. We can’t cope. And they complain about the Wi-Fi signal. The connection’s going to be shit, there’re hundreds of them all trying to connect at the same time”.

“It’s terrible,” explains a Hungarian farmer, Filip Szarka, 52. “They’re so disrespectful. They trample across my crops to get to the McDonald’s up the road. The food’s not that good for God’s sake.

“I woke up one morning to find Ronald McDonald standing in my backyard. A 6 foot cut-out of him. Can you imagine it? I could have had a heart attack. One of the migrants must have stolen it and put it there for a joke. My daughter was terrified.”

Filip’s daughter, Tereza Szarka, 19, said: “I can’t even go out for a Big Mac without some migrant trying to get me in a selfie with him. My McDonald’s days are well and truly over.”


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