Daleks confirmed for all future series of Doctor Who

That’s according to Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat.

He said: “I can confirm that the Daleks will appear in all future series of the show. Why wouldn’t they?

“Daleks mean high viewing figures, and, I know I shouldn’t say it, but I’ve still got to prove to people that I’m a better producer than Russell T Davis.”

Peter Capaldi said: “The way I see it is, every generation of kids watching the show need to see the Daleks.

“And what with kids growing up faster than ever, the Doctor’s deadliest foes have got to be on our screens as much as possible. Otherwise the kids will miss them.”

Jenna Coleman wasn’t so enthusiastic about the idea.

She said:“Steven asked me what I think about the Daleks appearing in all future series of the show. I told him I couldn’t care less. Well, I’m leaving the show again anyway.”

Melvyn Engin, who’s playing a TARDIS mechanic in the new series, said: “a whole series without the Daleks would be like a whole episode without the Doctor. I mean, come on, get with the programme guys.”

Dalek operator Barnaby Edwards said: “If I had my way the Daleks would appear in every episode. I need the money”.



Doctor Who, The Magician’s Apprentice airs on Saturday at 7.40pm on BBC One.

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