Cornish town given ‘ghetto status’ rating by tourism website

Camborne in Cornwall has been given a rare ‘ghetto status’ rating by tourism review website,

Reviewer Malcolm Lovell’s less than complimentary review focused on the town’s after hours entertainment, saying:

“Camborne’s night life was jaw dropping, reminiscent of a David Attenborough documentary. I witnessed a group of woman squatting down in the street, drinking and urinating at the same time”.

Lovell also had gripes about the guest house he stayed in:

“My stay at Park-An-Tansy’s Guest House was marred by filth.The wallpaper was hanging off, the bathtub had weeds growing in it, and I found a snake’s skin in my pillowcase.”

Website owner, Andy Vardon, 24, said: “we were obliged to review Camborne after one of our website users described the place as a ‘no-go zone’. The way I see it is, we have to give honest reviews.

“Camborne’s the first place to receive our ghetto status rating, the lowest rating out of the 5 ratings we give. It’s not Malcolm’s fault that he saw the things he did. He’s still recovering from his ordeal.”

Market co-ordinator, Keith Bosanko, 58, said: “Camborne’s got a bad enough name as it is, without some idiot giving us a bad review. It’s not on.”

Shop assistant, Sarah Reun, 19, said: “I think the site should do another review at some point. Give the place another chance. Not sure if it’d make much difference, but it’s only fair.”


One thought on “Cornish town given ‘ghetto status’ rating by tourism website

  1. Malcolm Lovell (if he exists) should watch ‘Night Cops’ where he would see females urinating and drinking in the street late at night in most major towns and cities in the UK. If his stay in Camborne was as abysmal as he reports, he was staying in very cheap accommodation; what else did he expect, since it was his choice? And what did he do about it? As for (who do not appear to exist) why let the ‘wisdom’ one 24 year old reviewer who (may have) stayed in a crappy, cheap B&B from choice, and (may have) witnessed the same late night happenings that occur all over the UK, mar the reputation of the WHOLE TOWN? A balanced, intelligent and informative review, Malcolm….NOT!


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