Devon fish & chip shop to sell seagull & chips

A fish & chip shop in Devon has been granted permission by its local council to sell battered seagull & chips.

Sandworthy town councillor Steven Bay, 52, said: “the council was granted permission to cull seagulls earlier this year. It was around that time that Mr Hadddock, owner of Haddock’s Fish & Chips approached the council with the idea of seagull & chips.

“Not everyone on the council was for the idea, but it made a lot of sense, and Mr Haddock is expected to start selling the new delicacy next month. It’ll certainly be a boost for the local economy.”

Percy Haddock, 45, owner of Haddocks Fish & Chips said: “It’s a great idea that will not only help replenish the sea of fish, but also keeps gull numbers down. I’ve already got support from my regulars.

“It’ll cost £7.50 for a regular gull & chips, which I’d recommend with a 5 pence sachet of horse radish, so customers will save money there. You’ll need something like horse radish to take the taste away (laughs).”

Haddock’s regular, Cecyline Badger, 84, said: “Seagulls are only a problem if people want them to be a problem. I’ve got a pet seagull called Frank who’s no problem at all.

“In fact, I’d recommend a seagull to anyone who throws large amounts of food away each week. I don’t have any food waste at all with Frank around. No, selling seagull in a fish & chip shop is a bad idea.”

Local activist, Sarah Partridge, 26, said: “This idea has only come about to reduce the gull population in the town, when the gulls aren’t even the real problem.

“The real problem is irresponsible people leaving rubbish lying around and not using gull proof bags on bin days. Does Mr Haddock think we should start eating badgers, foxes and rats too? I’m against it, all the way.”

Fish and chip supper

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