Cameron told to fu*k off by pasty shop employee

The incident happened whilst the Prime Minister, and wife Samantha, were on holiday in Polzeath, Cornwall.

Kath Legest, manager of The Splaan Pasty Shop, said: “Mr Cameron and wife came into the shop and ordered a box full of pasties and cakes, presumably to take home with them, but I can’t be sure of that.

“Anyway, after a friendly chat about employment in Cornwall, with myself and Tamara, who’s been working in the shop for over a year now, Mr Cameron took the box from the counter, turned to Tamara, and said, ‘well thank you very much, me ansum…’ That’s when she said what she said. I was forced to suspend Tamara there and then, although I suppose, I can see why she said it.”

Ex-employee, Tamara Pendavas, 19, said: “I don’t know what happened really. Just before leaving the shop Mr Cameron looked me in the eye and said, ‘thank you very much me ansum’. Something in me just snapped. ‘O, fu*k off I said.

“Now of course I’m this legend. Everyone keeps knocking on my door and asking for my autograph. Mother said I should get one of those selfies printed, and sign them, a tenner each.”

An on-line petition has since been launched, reaching 3,000 signatures in just 2 hours, calling for The Splaan Pasty Shop to give Tamara her job back.



101 thoughts on “Cameron told to fu*k off by pasty shop employee

  1. His comment was condescending and unwarranted – I would have reacted similarly had he made a ‘taffy’ joke about me! Give her the job back with a little something extra for being brave enough NOT to accept being condescended to!

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  2. Not something I would dare to say if I met this sad selfish man but she was just thinking about what he has more or less told numerous disabled, genuine unemployed and asylum seekers to do when they asked for help !!?? Give her her job back please


  3. This woman sounds under-employed in relation to her intellect and conscience. Get out of Polzeath if you can Tamara and aim higher, perhaps an activist or political organisation where you can tell people to ‘F OFF’ in a slightly more concealed way that doesn’t hand them the moral high ground


  4. As the epithet ‘me ansom’ is normally applied to men, as in local dialect for ‘my handsome’ I think I would have reacted the same way if he had called me ‘petal’ !
    Mind you I’d probably have told him to fuck off anyway!

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  5. At the end of the day, if he had called her darling or gorgeous or something else similar, he would have been branded sexist or something , and by calling her ‘ansum, trying to be Mr Convivial , he was doing exactly the same thing. Good for her in sticking up for herself and having a go at the sexist bastard. I reckon.


  6. Give her job back to her wish i had the opportunity to tell that twat to fuck off well done that girl for having the guts to say what so many people havent got the guts to say to him.


  7. Even bad news is good for business. Shes probably increased profits at the shop and to be honest id pop in and buy a pasty from there. Yes she did do something thats considered misconduct. But id hire her.


  8. Ha ha ha…The article is funny…but not as funny as these comments.

    Unless… is it possible that the igdignant people are actually being satirical by making it LOOK LIKE they think it’s a real article?
    Or maybe not…maybe they are really Daily Fail readers.



  9. A lot of Tory tossers on here, it’s ok to demean people when you are an ignorant arrogant publc schoolboy, who has no idea of what the conditions many people in this sad country, have the misfortune to live in.


  10. I am from Yorkshire and love Cornwall and treat the people with respect and speak to them every time they speak to me from a Good Morning and Good afternoon, whats he trying to do, be somebody that we know he aint, he will be trying his level best to think of ways to tax you poor people even more, looking forward to next week and seeing you lovely folk and knowing that div is not there is going to make my hol enjoyable. tara as they say in yorkshire.
    P.S. Give that lass her job back… nowt wrong with free speach


  11. The vast majority of posts here are on the side of Tamara which I`m not surprised about, but the thing that amuses me most is that every one seems to hate Cameron but yet he still got voted in, next time you get a chance instead of thinking about yourselves think about the country and what the Tories have done to it since they got back in power. all they stand for is greed and power, they have no concern over the welfare of the British people – RANT OVER !!


  12. In any customer service job swearing at a customer is a sackable offense, if she had swore at anyone other than the pm people wouldn’t be saying give her her job back.


    • I agree sadly with you Reach , and if it had been anyone other than Cameron all these comments above would have been calling for her instant dismissal for lack of control !


  13. I would have said a few other choice words, maybe it’s not the place to say what was said but for a person of that age it’s a first reaction kinda thing if it was farmer denzil from down the road no one would say a dicky bird I say jog on Cameron and give the employe there job bsck


  14. Give her her job back! Any publicity is good publicity…and people will flock to the shop to congratulate her… buying pasties whilst they are there!


  15. Please reinstate the lovely girl. That is what Mr Cameron was trying to say to her, that she is lovely. Unfortunately he lives in a totally different universe to the most of us and thought he was paying a compliment. Most people in top jobs just like the owner of the shop have not got a clue. That is why the world is in such a mess.Give her back her job, she is a valuable asset to you even if you have not got the balls or intelligence to realize it.


  16. I do not like Cameron either but as a shop worker, as I was once, politeness is a must. He was not being nasty so her reply was well out of order and if I had been her boss I would have sacked her on the spot.


    • No, you are not the only one. I am so enjoying the comments on this thred. This is the whole reason why the tories ARE in power…the gullibilty of the public at large. Add in to this the fact that they just DON’T READ things at all…they see a headline and react.

      I am scared that these people are allowed out on the streets and to make babies and stuff…deary me!


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