Cameron told to fu*k off by pasty shop employee

The incident happened whilst the Prime Minister, and wife Samantha, were on holiday in Polzeath, Cornwall.

Kath Legest, manager of The Splaan Pasty Shop, said: “Mr Cameron and wife came into the shop and ordered a box full of pasties and cakes, presumably to take home with them, but I can’t be sure of that.

“Anyway, after a friendly chat about employment in Cornwall, with myself and Tamara, who’s been working in the shop for over a year now, Mr Cameron took the box from the counter, turned to Tamara, and said, ‘well thank you very much, me ansum…’ That’s when she said what she said. I was forced to suspend Tamara there and then, although I suppose, I can see why she said it.”

Ex-employee, Tamara Pendavas, 19, said: “I don’t know what happened really. Just before leaving the shop Mr Cameron looked me in the eye and said, ‘thank you very much me ansum’. Something in me just snapped. ‘O, fu*k off I said.

“Now of course I’m this legend. Everyone keeps knocking on my door and asking for my autograph. Mother said I should get one of those selfies printed, and sign them, a tenner each.”

An on-line petition has since been launched, reaching 3,000 signatures in just 2 hours, calling for The Splaan Pasty Shop to give Tamara her job back.


101 thoughts on “Cameron told to fu*k off by pasty shop employee

  1. Disgusting behaviour !! The youth today seem to think it’s funny to use such language if more people acted like the owner of that shop perhaps there would be more respect for there peers It doesn’t matter who it is the Queen or the Steet Cleaner they all command respect!!!!


  2. At the present with all the dreadful news about the plight of poor would-be refugees I feel ashamed that anyone could consider such a trivial happening is worthy of reportage……………….


  3. It’s not so much that she used fowl language at the prime minister, more that he tried to use a Cornish accent! That actually deserves what she said to him, he has no right to take the piss out of us Cornish lasses by trying to mimic how we speak down here…don’t blame you at all maid!

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  4. It’s not that she told him to F**k off that should be debated here, it’s the fact that Cameron took the piss out of all of us Cornish pards by trying to use our accent..under such circumstances the girl should be thanked by all of us for him patronising our language!


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