Camelphobia reaches all-time high in parts of the UK

That’s according to Donald Duke, Lib Dem MP for Portsmith South. And it’s the media’s fault!

He said: “Camelphobia is reaching an all-time high in parts of the UK. And it’s all down to the British media pouring fuel on the stove. In the past three months I’ve heard reports of camels eating babies, taking taxi drivers’ jobs – there was even a report of a homosexual camel buggering a horse in Devon. And guess what, none of these stories were proven to be true.

“The RSPCA has reported 37 incidents, this year alone, where camels have been shot, attacked by dogs, or even involved in hit-and-run incidents. These animals need our protection. We can’t blame them for coming here for a better life. If anything, we need more camels entering the UK, because it’s a boost to our economy.”

Professor Jake Whimsy, from Exeter University, said: “What people seem to forget is that Britain has a long history of immigration. We didn’t have elephants in the UK until the Romans brought them here in 145 BC. And, I probably shouldn’t say it, but I do like a nice camel burger.”


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