Council clamps down on seagull menace

There is controversy in the seaside resort of Little Newborough over plans to clamp down on nuisance seagulls, which have been branded a menace to the public by local councillors.

Town councillor, Don Dolly, who has spearheaded the campaign for the past three years, said: “after several recent attacks we have decided to clamp down on the scourge by issuing them with parking tickets if they’re found on cars parked on yellow lines; giving them on-the-spot fines for fouling; and immediate arrest for attacking someone, or stealing someone’s food, all with the aim of driving them out of the town for good.”

Herring Gull - Larus argentatus (3 years) in front of a white background

Local resident, David Quimsby, 55, said: “The town is filthy. No one puts their rubbish in the bins, they just throw their rubbish on the streets. Then these councillors wonder why there’s a seagull problem. I don’t know what these councillors are smoking, but I wouldn’t mind having some.”

Local campaigner and photography assistant, Daisy Bride, 26, 34D-24-34, does not agree with the idea: “by driving them out, the council is just moving the problem to neighbouring towns. We need to learn to live with them, not push them away.”

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