Not Going Out’s Katy Wix to star in and co-write EastEnders special

EastEnders executive producer Colin Pugwell-Reason has confirmed that Not Going Out starlet, Katy Wix is to star in and co-write a one-off EastEnders special, to be shown on BBC iPlayer in April.

Reporters caught up with Katy outside the BBC Television Centre in London.

Katy said: “Well, basically the story’s about this Welsh girl called Katy, who catches the tube, but gets off at the wrong station.

“She finds herself in this insanely angry place called Walford, which strangely enough, doesn’t show on Google Maps. Funny that.

“She’s cold, hungry, and hasn’t got enough money to get back on the tube, so Katy is forced to take refuge in Cindy’s Café.

“Can she escape Walford before she’s turned into brown bread? Duff duff, duff, duff duff…

“…actually there aren’t any duff duffs because it’s a one-off.

“I’ve been given the job of writing the funny bits, but writer, Jimmy Fishwick-Smith has final say over the direction of the script.

“He has promised me that I won’t be involved in any punch-ups or anything…

“…although, he does keep telling me that Phil Mitchell will be easier to handle if I pretend he’s an alien baboon.

“Which probably won’t be that difficult, when you think about it.”


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