Chav finds lettuce in McDonald’s burger

A chav has found, what she has described as a ‘green thing’ in her McDonald’s Big Mac burger.

Samantha Smith (aka Sketz),19, who lives in Bristol, made the discovery yesterday afternoon whilst visiting her local branch with her 3 kids.

She said: “I don’t usually look inside the burgers, but I’m like trying to be a responsible mother. Anyway, I checked it out and found this green thing in there. I went absolutely mental. Why should I waste my hard earned child benefit money on some green shit?”

Branch manager, Barry Dick said: “I took the burger from Miss Smith and examined the contents using the store microscope. The offending item was indeed a lettuce leaf – a standard ingredient in our BigMac burgers.

“I told Miss Smith that we can offer her BigMacs without the lettuce, but she just went all street on me, before sitting back down with her kids. I then watched her remove the lettuce leaves from her kids’ burgers, which she flicked onto the floor with the rest of her rubbish. She’ll probably be back later this afternoon.”


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