Lucy Beale’s killer – too short to be any of last night’s 14 suspects!

Lucy Beale’s killer may still be top secret, but after last night’s episode we can be sure of one thing… The killer is short… probably about the same height as a Standard Poodle!

How do we know this? Because of the killer’s point-of-view when talking to DC Emma Summerhayes.


Interestingly, this comes days after a Betmaster customer placed 18 bets on one suspect: Millicent, the youngest member of a poodle family who’ll be moving to Albert Square, any time soon.

Coincidence? Whilst the BBC have been busy promoting Napoleon, the head of the family, it looks like his youngest puppy, Millicent has stolen the limelight, all because of a mysterious Betmaster customer, who also happens to be a poodle… very strange!

Also quite interestingly in last night’s car crash episode, we saw DC Summerhayes send a text to the killer, with the entire population of Albert Square suddenly appearing, all looking unhelpful under the circumstances. The camera panned to 14 suspects in total. Or did it?

Not unless there was a poodle below the camera’s field of view…





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