EastEnders SPOILER ALERT: Lucy Beale’s killer revealed?

Bookmakers have suspended betting on the whodunit after one customer in a central London branch placed 18 bets on one suspect. But who was it?

It was Millicent the poodle! The great great grandpuppy of Roly, who’ll be moving to Albert Square with her family in the new year.

Betmaster spokeswoman, Katie Brush said: “we were forced to suspend bets when we noticed that the customer was a poodle. We guessed that the customer may have inside information.”

Writer, Jimmy Fishwick-Smith said: “the press have been quick to pick up on the fact that the poodle family are already live in Walford, and that Millicent is a kind of Wednesday Addams, Damien Thorne mix, so it’s not surprising that a customer has gone in and placed a bet on her being the killer. But that doesn’t mean that the Betmaster customer knows Miss Buffy Boos, the dog who’ll be playing Millicent.”

The killer isn’t due to be revealed until next February.

Do you think it was Millicent?


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