Poodle family to join EastEnders cast

It’s dog-eat-dog in EastEnders early next year, when a family of poodles move to Albert Square.

Writer Jimmy Fishwick-Smith said: “The family consists of Napoleon, his wife Flossy, and their puppies, Chipper, Snapper, Mopsy and Millicent. Napoleon is the great grandpuppy of Sharon’s poodle, Roly. And believe me, he’s not the sort of dog you want to mess with.

“Napoleon blames Sharon for Roly’s death all those years back, after Kitty Capone, Albert Square’s topcat, lead Roly beneath the wheels of a lorry, which Napoleon believes would not have happened if Sharon had not left Roly with Grant. So he’s more than happy for Grant’s brother, Phil to get involved.

“What Napoleon really wants is the Vic. He wants to turn the Vic into a pub for dogs, like in one of those paintings by Arnold Sarnoff.”

Snuggles, who plays Napoleon said: “Napoleon’s barking mad. He wants to be top dog on the square. He thinks Mick Carter has made a dog’s dinner of the Vic, and that’s reason enough to get his paws on it. And as far as Phil’s concerned – every dog has its day.”


Roly Watts


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